lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

A new Project

The magic of Christmas’ is a project about different traditions connected with this holiday. We aim at finding out how Christmas is celebrated in different European countries and exchanging information about some actions taken at schools around Europe, for example souvenirs or cards hand-made by pupils and about any Christmas-related activities happening in different countires. We’d also like to find out how the same Christmas carols sound in different languages and learn how to wish Marry Christmas in different languages. Moreover the schools will present some products their pupils made, for example Christmas newspaper or a crib with recycled materials. We’ll also ask our pupils to take photos during Christmas time in their homes and put them in powerpoint presentation to see how Christmas trees, meals, presents or any other traditions differ. Our pupils will also exchange e-mail addresses and start using English in an active way to get to know each other more and will learn how to make Christmas cards on the computer